'Creativity now is as important in education as literacy. Picasso once said 'all children are born artists'. I believe we don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it.' - Sir Ken Robinson

Now, we want to be more creative and innovative but we ignore the long-lost skill that we used to have 'Visual Thinking'. Visual Thinking Workshop - Bangkok Program is a one-day highly interactive and experience workshop conducted by the business book best selling author, Willemien Brand. Willemien challenges all of us that if you can draw the line, then you can do Visual Thinking. 


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  • For her first Southeast Asia tour, Willemien will teach us what she knows about communicate and collaborate using Visual Thinking. Visualization ensures that your message is better received, you get more insight in your expectation and appointments and you can get the mission/vision on paper with a good looking sketch. People embrace pictures. Messages are better interpreted, information is processed faster in the brain, and it stays even better.