Talent, regulation and capital needed for Thai economy to recover - Professor Arturo Bris

Boosting digital skills and education is key to future competitiveness of Thailand’s economy, says Professor Arturo Bris.

Identifying digital and talent competitiveness challenges

The drive towards digital transformation in Thailand will only be beneficial if it leads to a future that works, with more automation, productivity and employment. Although technological change will replace some jobs, the country’s digital transformation must create more jobs and long-term growth. People displaced by automation must be able to find other employment in technology and related sectors.

Commenting on the webinar, Dr. Nattavut Kulnides, CEO of ADGES and Content Director for Care for Thai Biz said, “It is a great honour to have Professor Bris share his perspectives and I hope his insights strongly resonated with our leaders and organizations, as we work towards a common goal of improving the future competitiveness of our Thai economy.”

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