Reset & Reimagine Webinar Series: “Organizational Guidance System” in the age of disruption

An organization guidance system (OGS) shifts thinking about and actions in organizations from being descriptive to prescriptive. 

Guidance is not a new concept. Students receive guidance both on what career best fits their skills and the courses to take to accomplish their career goals. Investors receive guidance about a firm’s anticipated performance and their success at delivering on promises. 

Like students or investors, once desired outcomes are articulated, an OGS informs choices about how to best reach the outcomes. Guidance is less about what is done and more about what should be done. Consistent with the above cases, we suggest four pathways for an OGS: quality of leadership, talent initiatives, organization capabilities, and HR effectiveness. For each of these pathways, we have identified specific activities that theory, research, and experience suggests will have impact on the stakeholder outcomes. 

The time is right for an OGS. First, the unprecedented demands of the pandemic, social strife, and economic downturn increase pressure to discover innovative solutions. While many innovative solutions have been proposed, guidance helps identify the best solution based on empirical data. Second, technology has enabled digital information that moves from descriptive dashboards and scorecards to insights based on big data to guidance to determine which activities provide specific outcomes. Third, the abundance of research on leadership, talent, organization, and HR suggests specific relationships between activities in each pathway and stakeholder outcomes. Finally, analytic statistics has advanced to ferret out relative impact of specific activities on key outcomes (e.g., variance decomposition).  

In brief, now is the time to move to an Organization Guidance System that offers empirical prescriptions about how leadership, talent, organization, and HR deliver key outcomes. 

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Date: Sept 25, 2020

Time: 9AM-10AM (Bkk Times)

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Organizational Guidance System Briefing by Dave Ulrich

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