Exclusive Podcasts by Dave Ulrich: HR Competency & Future of HR

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Even Bolstad of HR Norge had interviewed Dave Ulrich on the two most anticipated topics in HR Community: HR Competency Study Round 8 and the Future of HR

Business context is changing fast especially in the Digital Technology. While content is kind, context is the kingdom of where we compete to make a money and survive the business. For any organization, high performing HR creates 4 times impact to business bottom-line when you compare between to a mediocre and under-perform HR.

While changes in HR come in multiple waves. The first wave is Digital HR through Digitalization and the second wave is Innovation. Information and Connectivity are the next two waves that are around the corner.

HR Competency - Podcast Part 1

As of the topic of Future of HR, Dave explains that there are 4 stages of HR Professional:

  • Administrative Efficiency

  • Functional Excellent

  • Strategic HR

  • HR 'Outside-In', Win the marketplace

Due to the recent survey from Korn Ferry, it reveals that HR Competency Profile is the closest to those of CEO. Dave elaborates that Korn Ferry's research has a benefit of enormous database. When we look at the best CEO today, CEO expects to manage financial side of business as well as the strategic side of business. Nonetheless, what differentiate the great CEO from the rest is the ability to manage people. Likewise, CHRO is supposed to be on-top of people management for today and tomorrow. What differentiate great CHROs from the rest is an ability to understand and add value to business.

When asked about the path for career development specifically for HR, Dave mentions that HR can further develop their career base on 4 dimensions:

  • Functional Focus

  • Business Focus

  • Geographic Focus

  • Work outside HR

Career development starts from a career aspiration. Young HR professional should start by finding an area that you are enjoyed to work with, but need to force yourself every 3-5 years to build the basis of your expertise, go outside your home country, work in the new culture, or even do something outside HR.

Future of HR - Podcast Part 2

We wish to thank Even for his generosity to share the podcast to other HRCS Regional Partner.

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