Talent by Design Summit - Energetic and Highly Engaged

(St.Regis Hotel, Bangkok)

ADGES and our partners, Bluepoint Leadership and the RBL Group, welcomed an exceptional group of Board of Directors, CEOs, and CHROs from Thailand leading organizations who represents approximately 20-30 of Thailand Market Capitalization in ADGES' exclusive summit on 'Talent By Design'.

The summit started by the welcome speech from ADGES' CEO, Dr. Nattavut Kulnides, who shared the idea behind the themes of 'Talent By Design'. Winning in today competition can't be achieved by the organization ability to design their own organization capabilities through the process of talent management. In spite of the same old believe that a traditional training (upskill and skill) will do the trick but, in reality, it is not sufficient anymore. Dr. Nattavut then introduced the next speaker, Gregg Thompson - the President of Bluepoint Leadership. Bluepoint Leadership is among the finest leadership development provider in the world. Working with Fortune top-organizations such as GE, AMEX, Qualcomm, Bluepoint expands across the world and works with over 40 exceptional coaches globally. In Thailand, ADGES is the proud partner with Bluepoint Leadership since 2016.

Gregg starts his topic on 'Leaders as Talent Developer' by sharing 6 Key Shifts in Talent Development as follow:

1. From Standardized, Corporate Designed Programs to Self-Directed Learning & Development

2. From Based on Core Competencies to Based on Core Ideals & Purpose

3. From Annual Development Reviews to Ongoing Development Conversations

4. From Performance Manager to Performance Coach

5. From Institution-Led Training (exclusively) to Digitized, Online & Micro-Learning (supplemental)

6. From Planned Management Succession to Proliferation of 'Accidental Leaders'

Gregg also engages the top leaders with his unique style of experiential learning and coaching exercise to demonstrate his previous 6 points. Even though most of leaders in the group have been through some forms of coaching training before, but with a clear sense of career direction and core ideals & purpose in-mind, all participants agree that this gives them a higher impact and should be enriched with their own organization.

Darryl Wee, Managing Director of RBL Group (Asia) takes over the stage and introduces the concept of 'Reinventing the Organization' which is the recent book authored by Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich. The core idea is 'it's time to end the hierarchical organization and start reinventing the new era of organization'. Nevertheless, while organizations might agree with the idea, most organizations might not know how to proceed. From the research done globally, Arthur and Dave suggest that there are 6 items under the Reinventing Framework:

1. Environment - Do we understand and anticipate the changing environmental conditions that will shape our future?

2. Strategy - Does the organization have a clear strategy for growth and pathways for making it happen?

3. Capabilities - Have we defined and articulated the critical capabilities for executing our growth strategy throughout our firm and ecosystem?

4. Morphology - Have we designed the right organizational form or structure to enable our growth strategy?

5. Governance - Have we designed and delivered the practices in the six governance mechanisms to ensure the effective functioning and integration of teams, platforms, and allies?

6. Leadership - Do we have individual leaders at the top and shared leadership brand throughout the organization to ensure success?

The session was thought provoking and drew a lot of discussions from the session. The idea also complemented with service offerings from RBL to further enhance the understanding of this concept by conducting a workshop or engaging in the consulting services.

Lastly, our summit is fortunate enough to have the real Thai case study from an exceptional organization like SCG to share with us on their Talent by Design Journey. Khun Phanuwat - Head of HR Digital from SCG shared with participants on how SCG embraces on the journey and what we can learn from success and failure of the journey. The session creates a lot of curiosities in the room from leaders who wish to start their own Talent by Design journey. Khun Phanuwat is so kind to address all questions with his practical and hand-on view on how to move from conceptual into the real implementation.

We feel very grateful for all speakers who come very far from Vancouver, Singapore, and Bangkok to share his knowledge and expertise with us. ADGES also feels honored to welcome high profiles participants. We also hope that with the new insight it will help propel their organizations into the future. We are also looking forward to the future cooperation with our existing and potential clients. Even if 2020 brings a lot of challenges already but we have many exciting things line up in the near future which we feel confident in our capabilities and partnership to bring exceptional learning and consulting experience to our clients.

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