Coaching Moment - Leaving Your Culture Baggage Behind

Mr. Park (not a real name) is a new generation of leaders who work with the global transportation firm for almost 10 years. He is Korean and he has been growing in his role and he is one of the candidate to take even more senior role to head an organization in Korea. His organization recommends him to take part in the Leadership Development Program designed and delivered by Bluepoint Leadership Senior Facilitator. The program starts off by inviting him to attend an international program where he met with other next generation of leaders from his organization around the world. At first, he is a bit skeptical and a bit confuse. Why he has been chosen to attend this program? He also wonders whether he did something wrong and now he ended up going through the development program.

Throughout the program, Park has been introduced to leadership concepts especially why he needs to rethink about leadership at this disruption era. While the on-site program might be a bit short, he is chosen to work with Bluepoint Leadership Coach based in Asia Pacific and in this case the organization choses coach from Bluepoint Leadership Thailand. During the first session of virtual coaching, Park received outcomes from his 360 Assessment which specifically designed by Bluepoint for this organization. For the first time in his life, Park receives feedback not just only his boss but his peers and subordinates. The impact on him was tremendous. While he acknowledges his strengths as a person who can make tough decision, have an unbiased view and not allow any emotion to get involved with the way he works. Nevertheless, the same 360 outcomes also points out that he lacks a human touch and he doesn't show any humors. One of his international colleague even mentions that he needs to step outside his comfort zone and understand international culture, getting through small talk and not act too busy with his phone and also check his emails.

'While I feel very upbeat when I see comments regarding me as a future leaders, I am tough and make an independent decision, nevertheless, I now realize that I can't overlook the emotion side of leadership. I also talk number but not feeling. I guess in the way I don't know how to engage in this emotion dialog. I feel that my culture and Asian culture is kind of focus on outcomes and any small talk that involve in emotion is perceived as something that I need to avoid and not to get to personal.' Park adds during the virtual coaching session with his coach, Dr. Nattavut.

'Think about your best boss ever. How best can you describe his character?. asked Dr. Nattavut.

'My previous boss is my best boss ever. I like how he stood up for the team against the management team. Even if he has been poorly criticized by the management team but he ensured that no pressures or bad things will ever happen to his team. To me, that is the ultimate character as a leader. We make joke with his team, he entertained his team while he took a criticize from the top. That is really bold.' Park shared his story eagerly.

'Do you think with this believe as your role model as a leader it impacts the way you lead your team? asked Dr. Nattavut

Park took a long pulse and our coach knows that this is a ultimate coaching moment. Park then admitted that with this believe he put a lot of emphasis on being bold, not being emotion. He wants people to see him as a courageous leader and not allow any emotion to disturb him even if it has been very clear that he has a lot of soft side. He wants to ensure empathy, intimacy, and his team to be happy but he doesn't know to demonstrate all of this without overcome his believe on what leader has to do.

'I always hold my culture as the way I should behave, as the old say, I carry a culture baggage around me. With the challenge that my organization is having, a downturn in my industry, new values of new generation of workforce, it now becomes very clear that I need to change and I need to leave my baggage behind. I want to work on that. At first, I don't know what to expect but now I am very happy that we have this conversation. I commit to make an improvement on my leadership effectiveness. Let work together'. Park adds eagerly.

With that our coach can't wait to spend many more hours on the virtual coach since our coach also believes that it will be a great leader come out in the end.

Leadership Coach approach from Bluepoint Leadership is not just another coaching session. Bluepoint Coach demands the best out of leader. We work on the real feedback and we go after the real improvement. Our only and ultimate goal is to make leaders become an even better leader for your organization. Contact Us for Details.

Story: Bluepoint Leadership Thailand

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