ADGES brings 'VISUAL THINKING' to Thailand.

25 Oct 2018, Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

During ADGES Exponential Leader Forum 2018, ADGES CEO, Dr. Nattavut Kulnides, surprises guests by sharing his plan to bring the best-seller business author, Willemien Brand, who is the author of 'VISUAL THINKING' to conduct her Southeast premiere VISUAL THINKING Workshop here in Thailand. Her book has been translated to more than 11 languages including Thai. 'We are so ready to pack our bags when ADGES contacts us and shares their plan to bring us here. Who can say no to your beautiful country.' Willemien explains why she choses Thailand. She plans to come to the Kingdom during Jan 14-18th and Jan 17th is reserved for the Public program (please find details here: www.adges.net/visualthinking).

Dr. Nattavut believes that, while we all want to be more innovative and open for the new ideas, we often rely on linear and traditional way of approaching business and life issues. For example, when we think about 'Customer' or 'Culture', we often believe we share the same definition and meaning. You will be very surprise when we go beyond words but deeper in visual to appreciate differences and diversity. VISUAL THINKING allows fun, engaging, and collaboration beyond words and 'fixed-mindset'.

When asked why he wants to bring VISUAL THINKING to Thailand, 'We often hear our customers complaints with frustration that, after all fancy workshops and presentations, we haven't seen anything change much in term of innovation. We use 'Design Thinking' principle but find out that our people apply same thinking mentality when they are back to the office. While Innovation and new solutions is many organizations dream destinations. VISUAL THINKING likes a vehicle that ensures we will get there' explained by Dr. Nattavut. 'It is a language of innovation and mentality of creator. That the firms part of innovative process. You can't come up with wonderful products and services by just talking or writing about it' Dr. Nattavut said. 'You don't need a PhD in Innovation to tell you about this but, in this case, it just happens that I have that qualification (Doctorate in Innovation which he got from Manchester Business School)'. Dr. Nattavut jokingly shared with the audiences.

About Willemien Brand:

Willemien Brand has turned her passion for drawing and design into her life's work. She graduated with distinction from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven and enjoyed an award-winning career as an industrial designer with ATAG Keukentechniek before setting up the successful design studios BuroBRAND and BRANDbusiness.

The longer she worked in design, the clearer it became to Willemien that drawing and visual thinking are powerful tools that can be break down complex problems, engage employees and build bridges between businesses and their customers.

Now she shares this passion with companies throughout the world as one of the leading figures in the visual communication revolution.

Story: ADGES

Interested in VISUAL THINKING Public Program or In-House Program, please contact:

e-mail: info@adges.net

mobile: 6688-028-1111

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