Greatest Gift as a leader - Give your team a sense of 'self-awareness'

Give your team an ultimate gift by developing them!

Year-end is approaching, how is your team doing? Instead of planning for a nice dinner and fun staff party. You can make it to a great finish to your team by giving them a ultimate tool to work effectively together.

As a leading team and leadership development program providers, Emergenetics Thailand has the right program for you. No matter what you need is just a fun, relax, and engagement learning to explore individual personality and team personality in a light and fun program, or you wish your manager can learn a coaching skill. Or you want something a bit in-depth and require end of the year reflection. We also have Leadership Academy and High Impact Coaching session for your team.

All of our programs are world-class content to begin with. Nevertheless, since each one of our clients are unique, we also believe in customize content to truly fit your need. We work with the team of professional and experience facilitator who has a successful track record and comfortable to deliver in language of your choice. We have our team to assist you to make it a successful end of the year learning and team reflection event. Whether you fancy to run your session in downtown Bangkok or Thailand’s famous tourist destination like beach side and high up in the mountain. We have a team to make it happen for you.

Instead of letting the holiday season pass. Why don’t you create an impact of the lifetime?

Contact us for more details: Mobile: 668-028-1111 Tel: 662-044-0009

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