ADGES Exponential Leaders Forum 2018

There are many talks about Disruption, Digitalization, and future of business lately. Why do we need another sessions?

Because, beyond concepts and inspiring talks, many organizations still have unclear ideas on how to navigate through exponential changes and disruptions. ADGES’ Exponential Leaders Forum aims to provide a practical insights, best practices, and lesson learn from leadership gurus, experts, and consultants in the disruptive era. ADGES strengths lies under the power of partnership. We bring the best in Leadership and Strategic HR consulting, World-class Leadership Assessment, and Business School. Exponential Leaders Forum will focus on 3 topics:

  • WHY: Exponential Changes and Thailand Business Landscape

  • HOW: Disruption & Digitalization for Human Resources

  • WHO:Leadership Profile of the future

You will hear insights from experts and consultants who work alongside leading organizations to quantum leap exponential change. Be the first to greet our special guest livestream from Europe and talk about fundamental skill of the future leaders. Seats limited to only 50 executives.

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