Transformation & Change Workshop by Dave Ulrich

สรุปข้อคิดจาก “Transformation & Change” By Dave Ulrich “Father of Modern HR Management”

November 18, 2015, Anantara (Part 2)

On Recipe to Change Culture:

1. Define desired culture 2. Top-down intellectual agenda – communicate – be redundant 3. Bottom-up behavioral agenda – let employees come up with what it means to them 4. Process Agenda – adapt system to align with culture 5. Demonstrated by leadership

- When environment changes, the right thing before can be the wrong thing. The problem is if you do it very well before then it is hard to change so you end up doing wrong thing well. - Getting people in the change process. Ask “What do you think?” - Centralized principles, decentralize practices. - Organization do not change. People do.

“How do we turn what we know about change into what we do?”

1. What are some options we have? 2. Who make the decision? 3. When it’s going to be made?

Get 70-80% on board on change, share the rest why you do and hope for the best. No need to get everybody on board at the start.

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