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Technically, Emergenetics is a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior. In practice...it's clarity. Simply, Emergenetics is a clearer understanding of how people live, work, communicate, and interact.

My vision about Emergenetics is I want to create Emergenetics in every mind.

My Vision


Emergenetics Certification Program - Bangkok

April 24, 2019

Emergenetics Certification is designed with business needs front and center. This train-the-trainer session provides knowledge and insight on people that ensures talent development meets strategic business objectives.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Emergenetics

Use the science of thinking and behavior to transform the way individuals, teams, and organizations work. Through this train-the-trainer course, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to facilitate Emergenetics workshops and incorporate Emergenetics theory into your existing talent development programs.

Empower Individuals

The Emergenetics Profile assessment can be used as a self-awareness tool in 1-1 coaching or in group workshops. Only Certified Emergenetics Associates can administer the Profile and access our proprietary reports.

Build Stronger Teams

Learn how to conduct our flagship Meeting of the Minds workshop to create awareness around thinking and behavioral differences and strengthen team dynamics.

Transform Organizations

Certification is an integral part of a broad talent and organizational development strategy that links assessments, team performance, and working culture. The result? Emergenetics becomes a common language that cuts through differences and creates a climate of productivity and positivity.


Qualifications to Become Certified in Emergenetics


If you fit the following criteria, attending Emergenetics Certification may be for you!

  • You are progressive, innovative, and engaging

  • You believe in people and enjoy being a part of their learning process

  • You appreciate modern tools that are based in science with strong reliability

  • You do not believe in just delivering content; you believe in bringing content to life

  • You have 5+ years of experience in training, leadership, organizational development, or coaching


What's Included in the Emergenetics Certification Process


Emergenetics Certification is a rigorous program that is built for experienced professionals and is approved for 27 credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. As a Certified Emergenetics Associate, you join our global family of experts dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations to realize their fullest potential.


Train-the-Trainer Course (3.5 Days):

  • Day 1 is a full day Meeting of the Minds workshop. This signature workshop illustrates key Emergenetics concepts relating to thinking and behavior through interactive activities and self-discovery.

  • Day 2-3.5 are designed to dive deeper into the Emergenetics tools and theories, preparing you to facilitate your own Meeting of the Minds workshop, debrief Emergenetics Profiles on a one-on-one bases and integrate Emergenetics into your own programs and organizations.

  • Network with other industry professionals and gain valuable insights from our Master Trainers who teach the Certification Course. Small class sizes allows for individualized instruction while still interacting with an understanding perspectives from a diverse group of thinkers.


The Blueprint (90 Days):

  • After completing the Train-the-Trainer Course, complete your Blueprint within 90 days to become a fully Certified Emergenetics Associate.

  • Apply your learnings from the course to complete Blueprint Assignments. Assignments include one-on-one Profile Analyses and video presentation projects.

  • A Blueprint Coach is available to you as you complete the Blueprint – just think of us as your personal coach at no additional cost!


Continuing Education (Ongoing):

  • Keep your skills sharp and stay up to date on new resources with our self-scheduled eLearning modules, the Emergenetics Blog, and regional Associate gatherings.

  • eLearning and Knowledge Tests available each year with updated content to ensure you’re up to date with the latest in research, tools and products available to apply Emergenetics!


March 09, 2018

The use of psychological assessment is not something new ,  Most organizations in Thailand always came up with evaluation system in some way.  But what makes them different is that, Upon learning personality of individuals and teams, the organization can develop to bring an understanding to benefits and tangible works or not, Many have missed at this point. Lots of tools were only used in telling the difference of each person but could not make it into the understanding within the team and the facts that employees were actually encountered.  It could also hard to understand in some organization if there are no assessment reports are unfolded to discuss about. When the result get more complex, implementation is also get limited.

Emergenetics is the combination of the concept that our personality is resulting from the our every day life experiences, behaviors and Genes. The word ‘Emergenetics’ came from the root of 2 words, Emerging and Genetics.  Emergenetics can be used as a tool to understand the interaction of people both happened since birth and arose from the learning,  Through Emergenetics Profile, Which is built on the basis of ‘4 thinking attributes’ and ‘3 behavioral attributes’.


Thinking Attributes can also be classified as a 4 features as the followings:


1. Analytical Thinking is represented by the blue, the use of the left brain in  analytical, reasoning, logical thinking.

2. Structural Thinking is represented by the green is the usage of the left brain attribution to compose and management, including the stage of the process. Learning, attention to detail and with apparent operating regulations.

3. Social Thinking is represented by the red,  Is the usage of the right brain in interaction with others. A person who has high Linear relations thinking are often have empathy and approaching point of view toward others.

4. Conceptual Thinking is represented by the yellow, Is the usage of the right brain in visualization, imagination, creativity, and overview vision.


In addition, Behavioral Attributes can also classified as 3 features as followings:


1. Expressiveness  is a feature of the response to interaction with the third party, both in the form of verbal and facial expression.

2. Assertiveness which demonstrates the commitment and position for example,  love being peaceful or being competitive.

3. Flexibility  is a feature of willingness, leaning and flexible in responding to the comments or actions of others


Emergenetics is designed so that the team can bring an understanding of individual differences into the context of the team.  Emergenetics is not only an assessment but Emergenetics  also Create a simple language to provide that the understanding of  differences between people is an easy subject, and the organization can utilize it.


With this reason, Emergenetics did not stop at the assessment development, But also designed workshops for team that can actually bring out the potential of the tools with Power of WE (Whole Emergenetics) workshop  which presented through Certified Emergenetics Associate with the knowledge and experience in the use of Emergenetics tools to ensure that the organization has not wasted of money and time in bringing  Emergenetics without realizing about benefits. But organizations can apply the tool to use to achieve tangible benefits  which the revised Power of WE.


Workshop has 6 total topics as followings:


- Accelerating Team Performance

- Fostering Innovation

- Managing Change

- Respecting Differences

- Crafting Team Norms

- Building Trust


What we found in bringing ‘Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds Workshop’ into organizations are :

-  The creation of self-awareness within one self and coworker

-  The creation of a better working environment improved by removing hurdles and problems in team with a positive discussion.

-   The creation of understanding in what organization has currently encountered, Whether it is a management of change or cultural building , etc.


Emergenetics Thailand has a long time of experience in introducing the Emergenetics into organization at every level, whether in large companies on an international level, Thailand leading organization, or even a small team with only few members.


We have our workshop conducted  from the high executives level  to the operating level.

Any further information please contact marketing@adges.net or  088-028-1111.


Emergenetics Individual Profile

January 01, 2020

Realize Your Full Potential

Understanding ourselves is the essential to building positive and productive relationships with others. Through the Emergenetics Profile, you will gain insight into preferences for thinking and behaving that have emerged from your genetic background and life experiences.

With this knowledge, you can understand how you generally prefer to relate to and communicate with others. Awareness of your approaches to daily interactions will help you discover your gifts and potential blind spots as well as develop strategies to be more effective personally and when relating to others.

You can realize your full potential through a collection of Emergenetics offerings including:

Emergenetics Profile and Virtual Debrief

The first step to deepen your self-awareness is to complete a brief questionnaire to identify your preferences in the seven thinking and behavioral attributes and generate an Emergenetics Profile. Upon completion, you’ll schedule a 60-minute debrief session with a Certified Emergenetics Associate. This program also includes an custom Narrative Report further explaining your specific Profile as well as a copy of “Emergenetics: Tap into the New Science of Success” to further guide your understanding.

Emergenetics+ Mobile App

Revolutionary in the world of psychometric assessment tools, the Emergenetics+ app puts the power of Emergenetics in the palm of your hand. Once you complete the Emergenetics Profile and your debrief, you can connect with other Profile holders, access tips to facilitate interactions with others as well as bridge the gaps between those with other preferences. Download the free app on iOS or Android now!

Learn More About Emergenetics!

If you have any questions about Emergenetics for Personal Development, please contact info@adges.net and include Personal Development in the subject line.

Student-Teacher Emergenetics Program (STEP)

February 23, 2023

The Emergenetics Youth Report empowers children to better understand themselves – how they think, communicate, and learn – and their interactions with others.

STEP is an exciting way to integrate how students prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens, and provides authentic learning experiences for all. Based on Emergenetics theory, STEP honours students through seven distinct thinking and behavior attributes. The result is increased tolerance, motivation, engagement, self-awareness, and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams.

To find out how STEP solutions may be customized to meet your education needs. 

CONTACT US for more details.

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What it means when we say 'Emergineering'?

February 23, 2023

By Dr. Geil Browning, Founder & CEO


Emergineering is perhaps a term that you are not yet familiar with. It is a word we coined in 2009 to describe the process of taking goals – such as building trust, preparing for the future, spurring innovation and energizing workplace culture – and making sure every aspect of each goal reflects Emergenetics concepts.

When it is fully embraced, Emergineering can lead to a corporate culture that values and supports the most important asset of any organization: its people.

My Emergenetics Story - Khun Weerapat Sapakarn, CHRO, FWD Life Insurance (Thailand)

March 09, 2018

When we received reports from other assessments that I’ve used before, some of them were easy to understand and some were not. With Emergenetics, I found it to be user- friendly and easy to read, as well as very reliable. I have used it to better understand myself, my colleagues, and those around me.

Whenever I interact with another person, I will look at both of our Emergenetics Profiles to understand how each of us prefer to think and behave, then determine how to best coordinate with him or her to achieve mutual success. I found it easier to connect with others, with the availability of the Emergenetics+ mobile application that is easy to use and has lots of features. It makes it easier to connect with others. I would very much recommend others to have their Emergenetics Profile taken as well.

And this is my Emergenetics Story!

My Emergenetics Story - Sonya Brown, Group Director of Human Resources - Asia, Minor Hotel Group

March 09, 2018

Emergenetics was rolled out in Minor Group, to about 40 people where they had an in-depth understanding of how people think and communicate. This has helped them to resolve conflicts better, and put together better project teams. Sonya Brown shares one of their greatest success stories, where there was great impact realised in the ‘Property’ department. Leaders from this sector were coached to better their communication skills, as well as learn strategies of effective selling their ideas and creating new environments for their customers.

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